Team Leadership and How to Hold Your Team Accountable

Alex Winborn, VP of Residential Asset Management, H.G. Fenton Company

Leading team performance in an ever-changing world full of disruption and distraction is challenging and ongoing. Does accountability in the workplace look and feel different due to remote/hybrid team members? This seminar will help motivate you to lead through these times of uncertainty with confidence while empowering your team to reach peak performance.  

Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify the skills and behaviors that make a winning team in a hybrid workplace
  • Manage team performance and behavioral issues more effectively
  • Use the O.I.C. model to give performance feedback and hold your team accountable

About The Speaker

As Vice President of Residential Asset Management, Alex Winborn oversees the projection and performance of H.G. Fenton Company’s multifamily division.

Alex blends his educational background (including a bachelor’s degree in Communications and Business Law from Saint Peter’s University and a master’s degree in Management and Leadership from Webster University with his professional experience, including residential property management and fitness industry leadership. Combining these elements has been fun for Alex, infusing his background and expertise into developing teams and delivering a lifestyle that allows residents to live well at Fenton communities.

Alex is passionate about collaboration with everyone he crosses paths with, and he’s never without an exciting story to tell. He enjoys building connections as a leader and trusted partner, whether his stories are snippets of recent adventures or lessons learned that could empower others. His hobbies include photography, mentoring, traveling, and learning new things. He’s also written and published several articles about trendy topics related to multifamily real estate and health and wellness.