Spotlight on Seth Springman, R & V Management

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Many congratulations to Seth Springman, R & V Management, who recently earned his designation as a Certified Apartment Manager. Learn more about his career and experience earning the CAM.

Tell us about how you started working in the multi-housing industry? What motivated you?

I was looking for a job while in college, and the property manager of the community that I resided in told me about a part-time position leasing apartments.

How long have you been in property management?

For about 21 years.

What made you decide to get your credential?

I was encouraged by my supervisor.

What was the experience like?

I enjoyed the course material very much.

What was the exam like?

The exam was fairly straightforward, and the material from the course covered every question thoroughly. I did not need to prepare for the exam very much.

Would you advise co-workers/ colleagues to get the CAM?

I would encourage anyone who is serious about their career in property management to pursue the CAM designation if they are planning to stay in the industry.

Wait until you are able to commit to spending the time in the class without distractions from your normal day-to-day operations, but don’t forget that you may need to make the time.