COVID-19 Crisis Impacts Rental Housing Industry

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Southern California Rental Housing Association Prepares, Educates Industry Professionals on Coronavirus Crisis Issues

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SAN DIEGO (March 26, 2020) – The global response to the virus known as
COVID-19 has led to significant changes in the rental housing industry for owners,
managers and tenants. The Southern California Rental Housing Association
(SCRHA) is taking a leadership role in preparing and educating those in the
industry about the unique issues created by the coronavirus crisis including
occupational health guidelines for working with quarantined or sick residents and
information on foreclosure relief, eviction bans, and much more.

By monitoring up-to-the-minute developments and providing education and
advocacy, SCRHA helps ensure that rental housing owners and managers are well
prepared for these new challenges – and supports their efforts to assist residents in
this time of crisis. Recognizing that the crisis is having an immediate impact on the
rental housing industry, SCRHA is also taking the unusual step of making certain
coronavirus resources available to non-members, free of charge.

"This is an extraordinary time for our industry and the nation as a whole. For this
reason, the Southern California Rental Housing Association has stepped up to
provide real-time guidance for all rental property owners and managers on the
coronavirus crisis,” said SCRHA Board President Kendra Bork. “As the situation
evolves, SCRHA is actively monitoring local, state and national developments to
advocate for our industry and inform our members. All rental housing owners are
impacted by this pandemic and at the same time many of our tenants are facing the
same challenges including income reductions or health concerns.”

New SCRHA resources include:

SCRHA’s team provides expert insight and guidance on legislative developments
at the local, state and federal levels regarding rents, evictions, legal protections and
potential sources of aid for owners and tenants. The new resources developed by
SCRHA for rental property owners and managers will equip them to be able to
comply with new laws addressing these new challenges and to assist their
residents at this critical time.

“We realize that there is no one-size-fits-all approach during this emergency. We
must balance the needs of our tenants, the community and our own rental property
businesses in an environment that is very new and changing rapidly,” Bork
continued. “That's why SCRHA has added a special page on our website with
resources and the latest updates - to continue our tradition of being a trusted
resource for advocacy and education in the rental housing industry."


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