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We’re pleased to announce that the Southern California Rental Housing Association has partnered with Contemporary Information Corp. (CIC) to provide our members with the nation’s most reliable tenant screening reports.

Contemporary Information Corporation (CIC) has been a leading provider of credit reports and background checks for over 30 years. CIC is a Southern Californian company that provides nationwide coverage to help properties review their applicants’ credit reports, criminal histories, and eviction records. With the largest eviction database in the industry and over 1.8 billion criminal records, CIC’s background screening is second to none.

The Difference with CIC
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  • Full Credit Report with VantageScore
  • Nationwide Criminal w/ Alias Search - With over 1.8 billion criminal records and covering over 2.5 thousand jurisdictions
  • Enhanced Nationwide Eviction Report - CIC’s database is the largest in the industry with over 36 million FCRA compliant eviction records
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Free Screening Option for Landlords with ApplyConnect 
  • Regulatory Compliance Tool FREE - This protects you from legal liabilities changing nationwide, state, or local laws can pose.
  • Can process ITIN Numbers
  • Can process Canadian Reports
  • Reports delivered in an average of 5 seconds
  • Superior, FCRA certified customer care and technical support
  • Full Credit Report with VantageScore
  • Nationwide Criminal
  • Nationwide Eviction
  • Sex Offender Registry Search
  • Free Screening Option for Landlords with MyScreeningReport

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Ideal for larger portfolios, CIC provides direct-to-property tenant screening. This option delivers instant results 24/7 with the only requirement being a signed authorization from your applicants to order their credit report. You can choose between all 3 bureaus, criminal and eviction records, SSN trace and more!

Getting set up takes 5-7 business days. All CIC resident screening accounts have a one-time setup fee that covers the physical inspection of your office required by the bureaus. This one-time fee is $54 and is paid directly to the inspection company.

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Can’t wait to set up your screening account but still need to run a check or do you want to simplify the screening process by having your applicant complete and pay for the screening process themselves? If so, ApplyConnect is the quick and affordable way to order, share, and authenticate screening reports you can trust.

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