Did you know that across San Diego, Riverside, and Imperial Counties, more and more people are providing creative solutions to the Southern California housing crisis?

A solution growing in popularity across the region is the addition of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) and Junior Accessory Dwelling Units (JADUs). These are known by many names: granny flats, in-law units, converted garages, guest houses, backyard cottages, or tiny homes, and can be found in backyards across Southern California.

No matter what terminology you use, ADUs are a creative, innovative, and affordable way to add units onto a property to alleviate the ongoing housing crisis.

  • Cost-effective to design and build with verified ADU / JADU contractors.
  • A potential source of additional  rental income for homeowners.
  • Flexible space to use as a rental unit, guest room, or home office.
  • Avoid parking problems since as property is already developed.
What is an ADU / JADU?

An ADU is a dwelling unit outside the original home but within the property line. It must have its own entrance, bathroom, kitchen, and be at least four feet from the property line. A JADU (AB 68) is created within the four walls of an existing home and contains no more than 500 square feet, usually sharing amenities for the main home.

What are the regulations?

The California Department of Housing and Community Development upholds the laws and applications ADUs and JADUs. Some cities and unincorporated jurisdictions have their own ADU/JADU ordinances. As recently as January 2020, several new Assembly and Senate bills have been approved, to encourage homeowners to build ADUs and JADUs. These laws and ordinances remove a lot of the red tape barriers allowing homeowners to build additional housing on their property.

While much of the red tape preventing homeowners from building an ADU or JADU on their property has been removed, the ordinances and regulations governing rental housing providers continue to grow in complexity. Once construction is complete and you're ready to find a resident, you'll need to understand and follow the same ordinances, regulations, and laws as every other property manager and independent owner in Southern California.

Expert Resources for Housing Providers

Southern California Rental Housing Association (SCRHA) is here for you each step of the way as you start your rental business. From creating a stringent rental criteria to providing up-to-date forms and one-on-one operational advice, we are your trusted partner in rental housing.

Operational Advice: Navigate the ins and outs of managing a residential rental with support from our trusted counselors.

Library of Forms: Our comprehensive library of rental forms includes legally compliant forms that span the entire cycle of tenancy.

Education: Gain a better understanding of industry regulations and best practices with our classes and seminars.

With your investment in an ADU or JADU, not only will you be a housing provider, you'll also be an essential partner in solving the housing crisis. Invest wisely and rely on Southern California Rental Housing Association to help you navigate the complexities of owning and managing a residential rental in Southern California.

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