Company Information

Imagine the beautiful US Grant Hotel more than a 100 years ago. This illustrious hotel was constructed merely nine years before our organization’s first meeting there on September 16, 1919. So needless to say, it must have been an important affair on that early autumn day when John J. Fitzpatrick called our first meeting to order.

And that’s where our story begins.

Fitzpatrick and the new managing members made a motion to create a permanent organization dedicated to increasing positive interactions and communications between property and apartment owners, and their tenants.

The meeting and motion were also impelled due to the passing of the People’s Ordinance of 1919, which relegated trash pickup and collection fees as the responsibilities of San Diego multifamily property-owning taxpayers. This was considered a major blow to the apartment and multifamily property owners, and many felt it was time to work together to prevent legislation like this from being passed again without a fight.

In these early years, we adopted the name The Apartment House Owners and Managers Association of San Diego. Within a few months, the group of fledgling members voted to create a committee to manage itself, and soon, the mission of the organization was set in motion as well. The goal was set: to improve the progress of property owners, landlords, and renters—but we also desire to build the strength of this relationship together through legislation, lobbying, and increasing awareness of laws relating to San Diego property and rental ownership or management.

Investing In Our Mission Through Education

By the mid-1900s, we evolved our ethos to include industry news, as we were the frontrunners in the industry. What better way to be involved than by freely sharing our news with our market?

In 1940, we published the first issue of Apartment Review, a 22-page industry publication that communicated timely information relevant to the operation of rental housing. For some time, this publication served members well as a comprehensive resource for the latest information about industry news and trends. As the publication became more established and gained greater attention and increased readership, we changed the name to Apartment Owner News in 1950.

Becoming the Southern California Rental Housing Association

These milestones allowed us to continuously hone our mission and our vision. Hence, one sunny San Diego day, we agreed to change our name yet again. In 1954, the name changed to San Diego Rental Owners’ Association, which also spurred us to alter our industry publication to Rental Owners’ News to align with our new organizational name. 

During these early years, we grew our membership, grew our organization, and from that point forward, the changes we experienced began happening at a much faster clip. In fact, more than 10 decades and several name changes later, our purpose remains the same: to ensure that a vibrant rental housing industry throughout San Diego, Imperial, and southern Riverside counties is maintained and managed. To that end, the Southern California Rental Housing Association has expanded its products and services to a level that even its progressive founders couldn’t have anticipated.

Since 1919, the Southern California Rental Housing Association has responded to the changing needs of the rental housing industry and helped overcome many obstacles to support our members’ business objectives and real estate investments.

Fundamental to these accomplishments is the support of members like you; whose very involvement with the Southern California Rental Housing Association demonstrates a commitment to providing attractive, desirable rental housing opportunities for all in San Diego, Riverside, and Imperial Counties.

Your community service—combined with the jobs your rental housing business generates—is a vital part of what helps keep our local economic engine running and it’s why the Southern California Rental Housing Association will continue its work to foster growth and excellence for what will hopefully be another 100 years of dedicated service.

Our History

Published Apartment Review, a 22-page industry publication.

Publication became Apartment Owner's News.

Name changes to San Diego Rental Owner's Association

Publication becomes Rental Owners' News

Name changed to Apartment and Rental Owners Association of San Diego or AROA
& Publication became Rental Owners & Occupants News

Publication became Rental Owner News

Mid 1960s
Warren Boynton: Apartment and Rental Owners Association of San Diego first executive director (part-time position), paid from education revenue.

Late 1960s
Began offering credit checking.

Late 1960s
Apartment and Rental Owners Association of San Diego joins the National Apartment Association.

Palmer Chase was hired as the first full-time, salaried executive director.

First tradeshow at Scottish Rite

DJ Ryan: San Diego Apartment Association's third executive director.

Alan, Ziegaus, Stoorza, Ziegaus & Metzger became first lobbyist.

First Certified Apartment Manager education program is conducted.

Political Action Committee formed.

Name changed to San Diego Apartment Association.

Resident Relations program started to offer dispute resolution between landlords and tenants as a means to ward off the threat of rent control in San Diego.

Product Service Council started.

Survived and defeated "No on O" rent control ballot initative.

San Diego Multi-Housing Corporation, a for-profit subsidiary of SDCAA was founded.

Publication name changed to RentalOwner

Doris A. Payne, CAE: San Diego County Apartment Association's fourth executive director.

Name changed to San Diego County Apartment Association

San Diego Resident Relations Foundation formally disbanded.

First Mark of Excellence Awards Banquet

National Apartment Association drops affiliation with the San Diego Multi-Housing Corporation.

Scott A. Blech, CAE: San Diego County Apartment Association's fifth executive director.

California Apartment Association names the San Diego County Apartment Association as Chapter of the Year

San Diego Society of Association Executives names the San Diego County Apartment Association as the Association of the Year

San Diego County Apartment Association became a chapter of the National Apartment Association.

San Diego County Apartment Association became a member of the California Housing Providers Coalition.

San Diego County Apartment Association became a chapter of the California Apartment Association.

Rober Pinnegar: San Diego County Apartment Association's sixth executive director.

San Diego County Apartment Association publishes The Advisor Newsletter.

The RentalOwner Magazine goes online.

The Advisor goes online as an e-newsletter.

The San Diego County Apartment Association affiliates with the National Apartment Association.

Alan Pentico, CAE: San Diego County Apartment Association's seventh executive director.

Hosted the first NAA Education Conference and Expo in California.

Implementation of new membership database in conjunction with NAA.

Nancy Robertson Service Award introduced and presented to Nancy Robertson, retired 28-year team member for more than 20 years service to the industry.

The industry handedly defeats Proposition 10 (repeal Costa Hawkinds Act) and SCRHA defeats Measure W (National City Rent Control). NAA again hosts their Expo in San Diego and again, it breaks all records.

The Association celebrates its 100th birthday and changes its name to Southern California Rental Housing Association.

SCRHA responds to COVID-19 pandemic by supporting housing providers through eviction moratoria, emergency declarations, and rental assistance programs.

SCRHA filed a federal lawsuit to stop the San Diego County Eviction Moratorium.

Southern California Rental Housing Association has a storied history of advocating for our members. Become a member to support our ongoing efforts to protect and advocate for rental housing owners, managers, and the suppliers who support them.