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Unraveling the Mystery of 1031 Exchanges©

Wednesday, March 27, 2024
9:00 AM - 10:30 AM (PDT)

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1031 Exchanges are complicated and confusing. Learn what qualifies, what doesn’t, and what really matters as we Unravel the Mystery of 1031 Exchanges©. Join Bill Exeter, CEO of Exeter 1031 Exchange Services for this important session on everything you need to know about 1031 Exchange, including:

  • What is Qualified Use?
  • What is Like-Kind Property? 
  • How much do I really need to reinvest to defer all my taxes?
  • What closing costs are permissible 1031 Exchange expenses, and what are not? 
  • Does my replacement property have to be acquired in the same legal name as my relinquished property?
  • What if my partners (or co-owners) and I want to go in different directions? Entity break-up issues.
  • What strategies will help me in this difficult real estate market?

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Braden Haycock
Braden Haycock
Education Manager Southern California Rental Housing Association Staff Account (858)751-2219