Industry Surveys

Southern California Rental Housing Association conducts annual surveys to gain a better understanding of the rental housing industry in Southern California. 

The Vacancy and Rental Rate Survey

The Southern California Rental Housing Association conducts the Vacancy and Rental Rate Survey each year and publishes the results in June (Spring Survey) to provide a “snapshot” of industry conditions. As one of the oldest and most comprehensive surveys of its kind, we solicit responses from a range of property sizes, ages, and amenity levels to most closely reflect the variety of rental housing available to area residents.

The Apartment Availability Index Surveys uses a sample of full-time rental property owners and managers to determine the number of vacant units and the number of units on notice to vacate representing the total number of units available. The results of this survey act as an early indicator of industry activity and provides another gauge of the overall availability of rental housing in Southern California.

If you are a current SCRHA member, you will need to login to your account to access the comprehensive survey. Non-Members will need to create a guest account to download their purchase.

2023 Vacancy & Rental Rate Survey

Previous Surveys

Multifamily Fee Survey

The Public Affairs department conducts the multifamily fee survey to provide our members with information on the costs associated with operating a multifamily property in Southern California.

The Multifamily Fee Survey helps rental property owners and managers plan for future expenses related to water, sewer, trash, and municipal fees.

2023 Multifamily Fee Survey

Southern California Housing Providers Lost $3.8 Billion in Unpaid Rent Since the Start of Pandemic

Recent research by the Fermanian Business and Economic Institute at Point Loma Nazarene University highlights the financial losses suffered by regional housing providers and the steps they took to help residents stay in their homes. Missed rental payments impacted half of the landlords surveyed. Across units with sizable rental payment lapses, an average of five months of rent remains due, totaling approximately $5,000 per unit. Check out the survey here for more information on the impact of the pandemic on housing providers and recommendations in place to improve the process in the future.