SCRHA Housing Provider and Resident Rights & Responsibilities

As members of the Southern California Rental Housing Association, we are partners in creating a thriving community by providing quality rental housing for all. We value our residents, our fellow members, and our community and are working to support a healthy housing ecosystem through advocacy, education, and collaboration.

As housing providers, we believe we have the responsibility to provide California renters with:

  • Quality housing with habitable and healthy living conditions.
  • Freedom from arbitrary eviction, retaliation, or discrimination in line with all federal and state fair housing laws.
  • Fair and equal resident protections and policies that balance the needs of renters, housing providers, and the community.
  • A voice in housing decisions with respect and access equal to that of housing providers.
  • An innovative and collaborative housing ecosystem where government, businesses, housing providers, and rental advocates work together to solve the region’s housing issues by identifying the underlying problems and crafting balanced solutions.
  • Adherence to housing quality and equity standards and regulations.

All California renters also have a responsibility to their housing provider to:

  • Review and follow rental agreement terms, including timely rental payments.
  • Maintain a clean and habitable home.
  • Be a good neighbor by respecting others’ peace and quiet.
  • Provide timely reporting of any issues and necessary repairs.
  • Keep open lines of communication with the property owner or manager.