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We recently released our Point Loma Nazarene-commissioned survey showcasing the impact of the pandemic, eviction moratoriums, and rental assistance programs on housing providers in the region. The study shows most southern California housing providers continue to do everything possible to keep residents in their homes despite personal financial hardship.

Despite losing $3.8 billion in unpaid rent, southern California housing providers continued to help by:

  • 53% of landlords negotiated temporarily reduced rental rates
  • 47% of landlords agreed to waive late fees and penalties
  • 32% offered a payment plan
  • 15% removed the penalty for early lease termination
  • 11% provided rent forgiveness

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We would love your help in getting the word out and continuing to balance the negative stories in the marketplace. To that end, we have created a toolkit to make it easy for you to share the news.

Resources available include:

This study is just one way we continue to invest in shaping a more accurate narrative about housing, evictions, and rental assistance to counteract unfair portrayals of housing providers. Please send us your feedback on this program, and we will continue to provide you with tools to showcase the fantastic work you do.