Legislative Update - July 14, 2021

Legislative Updates,

Chula Vista Tenant Ordinance Hearing Scheduled for July 26

Chula Vista city staff has slated the next hearing on the proposed “Residential Landlord & Tenant Ordinance” for July 26. It was originally expected to come back for a vote on July 12, but not all Councilmembers were able to attend that meeting, so staff was asked to bring the item on July 26 at 5:00 PM. SCRHA has not yet received an updated version of the ordinance. Regardless, SCRHA remains opposed to any proposal that goes beyond the Just Cause requirements currently in state law. The ordinance being considered proposes to place more restrictions on No-Fault Termination of Tenancy, including relocation costs far in excess of contract rent. Housing providers would also be subject to additional definitions of tenant harassment and even criminal penalties for any violations of the ordinance. SCRHA will share more information as it becomes available.

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City of San Diego Eviction Moratoria Reminder: 
Webinar on July 21

The City of San Diego passed a non-payment moratorium in early 2021 that was pre-empted from going into effect by state law. With the expiration of statewide eviction protections on June 30, local jurisdictions are again free to institute their own eviction moratoriums. As of July 1, the City of San Diego’s ordinance protecting those who cannot pay rent as a result of a COVID-19 hardship is in effect along with a temporary ordinance impacting No-Fault Termination of Tenancy. Tenants must notify their housing provider of the inability to pay within 7 days of rent being due. Housing providers may request proof of financial hardship. Click here to learn more (City of San Diego properties only).

Join SCRHA for a webinar on July 21 to learn what the expiration of the COVID-19 Tenant Relief Act means for you, the status of eviction procedures, and local protections. Register today!

Reminder: County of San Diego Extends Voucher Incentives

The County of San Diego Enhanced Landlord Incentive program has been extended through July 31, 2022. This package of incentives includes:

  • LEASING BONUS: Landlords may receive up to $2,500 for each unit newly leased to a person experiencing homelessness.
  • APPLICATION EXPENSES: Financial Assistance of up to $50 may be paid directly to landlords to cover application costs, such as a credit report and application fees.
  • LANDLORD LIAISON: Valued landlord partners receive personal customer service staff member.

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Riverside United Lift Program to End Temporarily, Restart This Autumn

Riverside County's United Lift emergency rental assistance program is temporarily ending July 29. Riverside residents affected by COVID-19 must apply by July 29 to have their applications considered. The program will continue providing rental payments to residents through 2022 until funding runs out. However, the program is expected to relaunch again this autumn. Read more.

San Diego Gas & Electric's (SDG&E) Utility Payment & Assistance Program

San Diego Gas & Electric has several utility and assistance programs to assist customers who meet the qualifications. Customers can arrange for payment plans, receive discounted rates for utilities, and even qualify for energy efficiency home improvements. Click here to learn more.

Updated Water Conservation Packet Available

As the drought in California continues, the state and local water agencies are beginning to implement some water use restrictions. Use the SCRHA Water Conservation Information Packet to find links to your local water agency, information on rebates, and more information to help your property save water! Click here to download the packet, you will need to log in to your SCRHA account to access the document.