Legislative Update - July 8, 2022

Legislative Updates ,

County of San Diego Extends Voucher Incentives

The County of San Diego Enhanced Landlord Incentive program has been extended through July 31, 2022. This package of incentives includes:

  • LEASING BONUS: Landlords may receive up to $2500 for each unit newly leased to a person experiencing homelessness.
  • APPLICATION EXPENSES: Financial Assistance of up to  $50 may be paid directly to landlords to cover application costs, such as a credit report and application fees.
  • SECURITY DEPOSIT ASSISTANCE: Receive up to two months’ rent security deposit.
  • HOLDING FEES: May be available for eligible participants.
  • LANDLORD LIAISON: Valued landlord partners receive personal customer service staff member.

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Increasing Rents? Visit the SCRHA Rent Cap & Just Cause Page for Guidance! 
For properties in Imperial, Riverside, and San Diego counties subject to AB 1482/State Rent Caps, the cap will be 10% for rent increases that take effect August 1, 2022 or later.