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Course Bundle Sponsorships

Course Bundle Sponsorships

This package will apply to any of the new Education Bundles that SoCalRHEI is offering in 2024. These bundles combine multiple courses into a curated series that are designed to increase member engagement. This package will apply to all courses within a bundle, meaning the final cost will be determined by the number of courses within each bundle. The Course Bundle Sponsorship will not be available for any bundle once 50% of those courses have concluded. 


  • Live-linked Company Logo on course page, and all course specific marketing materials. 
  • Three-minute speaking opportunity at the beginning of each class within the bundle.
  • Two personalized social media posts on SoCalRHA social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram) with a direct link to the sponsor's website in the social media post. 

*All Bundles For 2024 only: Live linked company logo on SoCalRHEI landing page in Education Sponsor section. *Not to be included in any 2023 marketing materials 

Non-Member Price: $400
Member Price: $300