Bill Deadline Week Brings Wins for SCRHA

Legislative Updates,

Bill Deadline Week Brings Wins for SCRHA; Keeping the Pressure on Remaining Bad Bills 

SCRHA is pleased to report that AB 2785 (Wilson), which would have mandated the acceptance of reusable screening reports, is not moving forward. The bill would have also required housing providers to refund screening fees if an applicant wasn’t selected. SCRHA also opposed AB 2187 (Bryan) which is dead for the year. It would have established the Office of Tenants’ Rights and Protections. As SCRHA previously reported, AB 2384 (Wilson), which would have mandated costly emergency phones at all rental property pools, was pulled from consideration last week. 

Unfortunately, AB 2747 (Haney), made it off the assembly floor. This bill would require housing providers to offer tenants the option of having their positive rental payment information reported to at least one nationwide consumer reporting agency.  SCRHA will continue to work to stop the bill in the Senate. 

AB 2216 (Haney), the offensive and unfair “pet bill” is still active but must get out of the Assembly by this Friday, May 24. Thank you to the 600 members who have emailed their Assemblymember asking them to vote NO on this bill. There is still time to email your representative via the SCRHA Action Alert.

Make sure you are signed up for SCRHA Action Alerts. Depending on today’s outcomes, SCRHA may request members to ask their Assemblymember to vote NO on AB 2347 (Kalra), which would extend the time in which a tenant has to respond to an eviction filing from 5 to 10 days, further delaying an already lengthy and costly process.  

Thank you for your continued engagement as SCRHA works to defend the industry from harmful legislation!