California's Citizen Redistricting Commission


Every 10 years after federal census information is published, all states must redraw their Congressional, State Senate, State Assembly and State Board of Equalization districts to accurately reflect the state’s population. California voters approved the creation of the California Citizens Redistricting Commission (CRC) under the VOTERS FIRST Act (Act) in 2008 authorizing the CRC to establish new boundaries for these districts for the next ten years.

The 14-member CRC represents Republicans, Democrats, and other political affiliations and is now tasked with redrawing those district lines using strict, nonpartisan guidelines ensuring each new district provides fair representation for all Californians.

The CRC is now holding public hearings and accepting the public’s feedback this spring and summer on how district borders should be redrawn for California’s 52 Congressional districts, 40 State Senatorial and 80 State Assembly districts, and 4 Board of Equalization districts. The Commission could vote on the new district maps as early as December, but it is likely the process will be delayed by several months due to the pandemic.

It is critical that all state residents participate in Commission meetings and provide input by using other means by visiting Residents can learn more about the Commission’s process, view and attend upcoming meetings, and find out how to provide feedback by other means to the Commission. The next scheduled public meeting on June 9.