City of San Diego Announcement on New Tenant Protection Framework

Legislative Updates,

This afternoon, Mayor Todd Gloria and City Council President Sean Elo-Rivera unveiled a new framework of local protections for tenants.

The new framework is a far better starting point. This effort is entirely aligned with our strategic plan to:

  • Re-envision quality housing for all
  • Create a thriving rental housing community
  • Be the ultimate resource on rental housing
  • Advocate for rental housing-friendly public policy
  • Ensure rental housing providers are recognized as essential members of the community

From the onset, we were determined to change the narrative between the City, renters, and rental housing providers, demonstrating that true collaboration is not only possible, but essential to bringing forth positive change for both San Diegans and the rental housing market.

Today’s announcement is the outcome of that collaboration and engagement. The framework proposed has changed significantly from the initial discussion framework rolled out in October, and brings us much closer to State Law. Here are just a few key examples:

October Framework

  • 120-days to 1-year required noticing
  • Removal of “Illegal Use” (without conviction) and refusal to renew lease from At-Fault definitions
  • Significant restrictions on No-Fault causes currently allowed under state law
  • Less property exemptions than state law

New Framework

  • Noticing consistent with state law
  • At-Fault definitions consistent with state law
  • No-Fault definitions consistent with state law
  • Exemptions consistent with state law

Attached is the press release from the Mayor and Council President with more information on the proposed protections.

As a next step, the City Attorney will develop an ordinance to be considered by the Council’s Land Use & Housing Committee in early 2023, followed by full Council.

Currently, the framework is just that – a proposal. And more work is to be done. We will continue to collaborate, engage and educate on how to prevent homelessness and negative housing impacts and ensure SCRHA remains at the forefront of issues facing renters and the housing market.