City of San Diego Rental Assistance Application Process Update

Legislative Updates,

City of San Diego Rental Assistance Application Process Update
The City of San Diego Housing Stability Assistance Program is still accepting applications; however, many members have reported a slow-down in application updates and funding disbursements. The San Diego Housing Commission (SDHC) is prioritizing applications for residents with arrears and whose income is 50% or lower than the Area Median Income (AMI). Priority 2 applications, which will be addressed once there is a decrease in Priority 1 applications, will be for residents with arears and whose income is 80% or lower than the AMI. As of now, the program is oversubscribed, and the City is actively pursuing additional funding sources so that all residents and property owners receive much-needed assistance. Housing providers may check the status of their resident’s application here:

Rental Providers Must Provide Mold Booklet Effective January 1, 2022
Rental Housing Providers must begin providing written disclosure to all prospective tenants of the potential health risks and the health impact that may result from exposure to mold by distributing a consumer-oriented booklet. The Booklet, “Information on Dampness and Mold for Renters in California,” must be provided to prospective residents prior to entering into the rental agreement.

The Booklet is also available on the SCRHA Forms page for members.