Your Voice Was Heard! Update on Eviction Moratorium in Chula Vista

Legislative Updates,

Thank you to all the rental housing providers who attended the Chula Vista City Council meeting yesterday evening, submitted eComment, and emailed the Mayor and Council. Your voice was heard! 

While neither an eviction moratorium nor the proposed Tenant Protection Ordinance were on the agenda, SCRHA notified members that activists in support of additional tenant protections would be using the Public Comment portion of the meeting to put pressure on the council. This was the tactic employed last year which ultimately led to the council directing city staff to draft additional renter protections. Despite a handful of people speaking in support of additional protections, the Council made no mention of pursuing an Eviction Moratorium and the Mayor indicated that the proposed ordinance would not be moving forward anytime soon. 

This is great news! However, we know that this is not likely to be the last we hear of this effort in Chula Vista and beyond. Those who support additional restrictions have also targeted the City of San Diego and other local communities for more permanent regulations.

SCRHA members have shown the importance of advocacy. Our unity in purpose and unity in action once again stopped a harmful law from impacting our community. Advocacy is the core of our mission at SCRHA, and your efforts strengthen our voice and the communities we all serve together.

Share our work with your fellow owners, managers, and service providers and encourage them to join our efforts to protect property rights and preserve quality rental housing.

SCRHA will keep members updated on any developments in Chula Vista and elsewhere! 

March 15, 2022

SCRHA is still actively working to stop the proposed Tenant Protection Ordinance in Chula Vista. While the ordinance did not go to the Housing Advisory Commission and City Council according to the original timeline, efforts to further regulate your ability to operate and maintain quality rental housing are still underway. 

We need the rental housing community to tell the Chula Vista Mayor and Council that housing providers are not the enemy and existing protections are working. Attend the Council meeting on Tuesday or submit Public Comment. Read on...

Organizations behind the push for additional tenant protections are mobilizing to ask the Mayor and Council to pass another EVICTION MORATORIUM. You read that right! Because the proposed tenant protections have not been passed, they will be asking the Mayor and Council to pass an emergency eviction moratorium.

Here's how you can help:

1. Attend the Chula Vista Council meeting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 15 at 5p.m. and speak during Public Comment. Click here for an agenda and more information. 

2. Submit "eComment" ahead of Tuesday evening's meeting. Click here for the agenda, scroll down to Item 6 and click on Public Comments, then click on the red "Leave Comment" bubble. 

3. Click on "Take Action" below to send an email to the Mayor and Council. The email letter provided is customizable so you may share how you will be impacted by an Eviction Moratorium and permanent regulations. 

There has not been an eviction tsunami as many claimed. And while state protections are set to end on March 31, more funding for rental assistance has been made available. Housing providers have spent the last few years doing everything possible to help their residents stay housed. Pandemic-related regulation continues to be rescinded and adjusted. Now is not the time to go backward with an Eviction Moratorium. The permanent regulations being proposed are in response to issues at just two rental properties. There has been no research to substantiate the need for permanent regulations far more restrictive than state law. Furthermore, there has been no study of the economic impacts of such dramatic proposals. 

SCRHA will keep members posted on future developments. Thank you again for making your voice heard!

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