Legislative Update - April 21, 2022

Legislative Updates,

Chula Vista Council Vote on Tenant Protection Ordinance Expected in Early May

As SCRHA reported last week, the Chula Vista City Council reversed course on the Tenant Protection Ordinance and has asked staff to bring the ordinance back for a vote. The Housing Advisory Commission heard the item on Tuesday and voted to send it on to the council. The City Council is expected to hear the item at the May 3 council meeting. SCRHA is working to educate the council and general public about the ordinance and the unintended consequences. A coalition of rental housing provider organizations will be working diligently to stop the flawed proposal.

If you are property owner or resident of Chula Vista and would like to assist with SCRHA public relations efforts, please email mkirkland@socalrha.org. SCRHA will be sending out an Action Alert in the near future. Make sure you are signed up to receive these important alerts and updates. Sign up today!

City of San Diego No-Fault Termination Moratorium Approved

This past Tuesday, the San Diego City Council passed an ordinance to place limitations on no-fault termination of tenancy for the next several months. SCRHA opposed the ordinance and remains concerned with the unintended consequences, however, our advocacy helped secure an end date to the ordinance which provides some certainty. The ordinance will go into effect on May 19 and will end on September 30 or 60 days after the end of the local emergency, whichever occurs first. Click here to read more. 

SCRHA Endorses David Alvarez in 80th Assembly District Special Election

Several candidates stepped up to run in the special election to replace Lorena Gonzalez as Assemblymember in the 80th District. Former City of San Diego councilmembers David Alvarez and Georgette Gomez are headed for the run-off this June. SCRHA actively solicits applications for candidate endorsement in local and state races. While many more endorsements are being considered, SCRHA is sharing this endorsement in advance of the June 7 run-off for this race.

Proposed Rules Could Bring More Restrictions and Larger Penalties on Short Term Rentals in Riverside County

Riverside County Planning Commission yesterday directed county staff to draft new regulations for Short Term Vacation Rentals and return them to the Planning Commission for its consideration. The ordinance could include property inspections and new signage requirements. Rentals caught violating county rules could face stiffer penalties. If the Planning Commission recommends the changes, it goes to the County Board of Supervisors for final approval. Read more.