Legislative Update - February 1, 2024

Legislative Updates,

Initial Guidance on County Eviction Moratorium & Rent Cap
As SCRHA reported earlier this week the County Board of Supervisors passed a Temporary Eviction Moratorium and Rent Cap Ordinance. It went into effect immediately in affected zip codes and will remain in effect for 60 days. Housing providers may not terminate tenancy or evict tenants who they know or should know have experienced an Economic Loss as a result of flooding without Just Cause, which is defined as an imminent health and safety threat. Rent increases in the affected areas will be limited to no more than 5.3%. SCRHA has created guidance for members to assist with compliance. Please note that SCRHA is still seeking clarification on definitions and other specific requirements. The page will be updated as more information and clarity are made available. Learn more.

Emergencies Trigger Anti-Price Gouging Rules, 10% Cap on Rent IncreasesRent increases are limited to no more than 10%, even for properties exempt from statewide rent caps. Governor Newsom’s proclamation is in place until February 22, 2024. SCRHA will notify members if this end date is extended. Click here to see where there are state emergencies and how anti-price gouging rules apply to rental housing. Scroll down to “What are the Price Gouging Protections Under California Law?” and click on the question mark (?). Scroll down to read about Rental Housing, Pen. Code § 396 (e) & (f).

Help San Diegans Displaced by the FloodsAs a community service and to help SCRHA members who must relocate residents, SCRHA is compiling a list of available rentals. The list will be made available on the SCRHA website and shared with local government and others helping with relief efforts. Click here to add your unit(s) to the list.

SCRHA Candidate Endorsements
SCRHA has endorsed Bart Miesfeld for Chula Vista City Attorney. Mr. Miesfeld has decades of experience working in the Chula Vista City Attorney’s office and is endorsed by many former and current elected officials. This special election run-off will be decided on March 5, 2024. SCRHA has also endorsed Andrew Hayes in the race for the 75th Assembly District which includes large portions of east and north San Diego County. More endorsements coming soon.