Legislative Update - February 25, 2022

Legislative Updates,

Chula Vista Tenant Ordinance Delayed Again
SCRHA continues to push back against the flawed proposal in Chula Vista that would create costly and onerous regulations for housing providers and unnecessary protections for tenants beyond state law. The next hearing has been delayed. Originally, City staff planned to take the amended ordinance proposal back to the Housing Advisory Commission (HAC) on March 3, meaning the ordinance could have gone to the City Council for a vote as soon as March 15. At this time, it is not known when the ordinance might be presented to the HAC again. We will again need housing providers (owners, managers, onsite staff, & more) to attend the hearing and speak against the ordinance. If you have considered purchasing or building a rental in Chula Vista, we will need your voice to explain how this proposal will deter investment. SCRHA will keep members updated and send out an Action Alert once we know when the next meeting is scheduled.

ERAP Funding Deficit Causing Payment Delays
As previously reported by SCRHA, San Diego area COVID-19 Emergency Rental Assistance Programs (ERAP) are facing funding shortages. This is causing delays in processing applications and payments. The Chula Vista program is no longer accepting applications. The City of San Diego program states “All of the funding allocated to this program has been obligated to assist households with low income who have applied, pending review, confirmation and verification of their eligibility and documentation.” While they will still accept applications, more funding is needed to help new applicants. The County of San Diego program is also facing a funding shortage which is causing delays. SCRHA has been meeting with members of Congress recently and advocating for more funding. Additionally, the State Legislature is exploring ways to fund programs and SCRHA is hopeful those bills will help provide much-needed ERAP money.

Please note: SCRHA cannot assist with ERAP applications or verifying the status of applications. Housing providers should use the online portals to verify application status or call the relevant program.