Legislative Update - January 12, 2023

Legislative Updates,

Reminder! 10% Rent Cap in Effect as Storms Trigger Emergency & Price Gouging Rules
Governor Newsom declared a State of Emergency due to winter storms last week. The statewide emergency is slated to be in effect through February 3, 2023. Price Gouging rules specific to rental housing are specifically included. Rent Increases and newly set rents will be limited to no more than 10% until the protections expire. Click here to visit the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services website and learn more about price gouging protections.

SCRHA will keep members updated as emergency declarations are often extended. Read the text of the proclamation here.

San Diego's Mayor Signs Executive Order to Streamline Affordable Housing Approval
Mayor Todd Gloria announced last night during his State of the City Address that just prior to the event, he signed an Executive Order that will require the Development Services Department to approve “any proposed subsidized housing project that meets all requirements.” The Mayor briefly touched on the new framework for tenant protections. New housing and addressing homelessness were major talking points, with other topics such as crime, sidewalk maintenance, and more also discussed. Click here to read more.

A recent Voice of San Diego article on homelessness ties the issue directly to the lack of housing. This is important since some leaders and advocacy groups have recently tried to tie the issue to evictions and the need for strict renter protections. Read here.

San Diego Council Committee Takes First Step to Require Childcare Disclosure in Rental Agreement
Yesterday afternoon, the San Diego City Council Economic Development and Intergovernmental Relations Committee heard a recommendation from Councilmember Raul Campillo to explore requiring language in rental agreements regarding the right of a resident to operate a family childcare business. SCRHA spoke to the committee, requesting that the Association be a key stakeholder in the creation of an ordinance. While disclosures are often added to the rental agreement from different levels of government, SCRHA is monitoring the issue to ensure this doesn’t become a burdensome requirement. Moreover, many resources already exist for renters to learn about their rights and what is considered discrimination. SCRHA spoke of the need for better education and outreach, and coordination of resources so that all parties better understand their rights and responsibilities. This is a separate effort from the Tenant Protection Ordinance that SCRHA has been updating members on regularly. Updates will be provided as more information becomes available.

Temecula Seeks Additional Time to Implement SB 9 Requirements
The City of Temecula has a temporary moratorium in place on housing development and lot splits permitted under state law. SB 9 specifically prevents cities and counties from denying a lot split or duplex, but homeowners must comply with local planning requirements. City staff has asked for more time, approximately one year, to create a local ordinance. One major issue plaguing the city is how to deal with properties in HOAs, which is not addressed in SB 9. The city will hold public hearings and workshops for residents to weigh in on the topic. Read more.