Legislative Update - May 12, 2022

Posted By: Molly Kirkland Legislative Updates,

The Chula Vista City Council will be voting on the proposed “Landlord and Tenant" Ordinance this coming Tuesday, May 17. The council will be considering an extreme proposal to increase the notice period and the required relocation payment for a “no-fault termination of tenancy.” It would also add to the definitions of harassment of tenants and create criminal penalties for violating the ordinance. The council will also be presented with an alternative temporary moratorium similar to the one recently passed in the City of San Diego. SCRHA will be sending out an Action Alert as soon as the agenda is available. Click here to read our most recent update. 

The temporary moratorium approved by the San Diego City Council last month is set to go into effect on May 22. The ordinance increases the notice period for owner/family member move-in and when removing a property from the rental market. Substantial remodel as a cause for termination will be allowed with a government or court order. The ordinance will sunset on September 30, 2022. Members should be prepared for efforts from the Council President to implement permanent changes to the City’s “Tenant’s Right to Know” ordinance, similar to what is being proposed in Chula Vista. Read more

Reminder: 10% cap for rent increases taking effect August 1 or later in San Diego and Riverside Counties. The figure that will apply to Imperial County has not been published yet. For rent increases that take effect through July 31, the cap is 9.1% for San Diego, 8.6% for Riverside, and 9% for Imperial County.