Legislative Update - May 9, 2024

Legislative Updates,

List Your Available Units & Help House Those Impacted by Floods!
Many flood-impacted residents remain temporarily housed in hotels and will need to find permanent homes soon as the County's hotel voucher program is expected to end by May 11. SCRHA is asking its members to share their available rental units to help these displaced residents.
Please take a moment to upload your available rental units so that disaster relief caseworkers can better assist flood victims with identifying new housing. Click the link below. Look for the "Owners" menu at the top left of the page and select "List Your Property." 

List Rentals Here >

Please note that SCRHA does not maintain or have have any control over this listing site. It is provided by the San Diego Housing Commission and will be used to assist local government in housing displaced renters and homeowners. 

The SCRHA thanks you for your ongoing support of the San Diego community, flood victims, and impacted property owners. 

SCRHA State Legislative Update
The deadline for bills to pass the Appropriations Committees is May 17. After that time, the focus will be on bills that are on the Assembly and Senate Floors. Read the latest update on several key pieces of legislation SCRHA has been engaged in this year. Read More