Legislative Update - November 16, 2023

Legislative Updates,

Were you injured by The County of San Diego’s 2021 COVID eviction moratorium?
The Association needs your help in its ongoing lawsuit aiming to help landlords recover damages and stop future eviction bans from being implemented. Nearly two years ago, we filed suit in federal court challenging the eviction ban as unconstitutional. The County of San Diego repeatedly tried to get it dismissed, and only recently, a federal court said our lawsuit may go forward. We will be amending our complaint soon, and it is important for us to add more and updated testimony from landlords who had concrete (financial or other) injuries due to the moratorium. If you were harmed by the inability to evict a tenant as a result of the moratorium, please contact David McDonald at Pacific Legal Foundation (a public interest law firm assisting in the case) to share your story: dmcdonald@pacificlegal.org, 202-888-6881.

From CalRHA: Former Democrat leaders oppose lawsuit blocking taxpayer protection initiative
Former Senate President Pro Tempore Don Perata, former Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Mike Roos, and former Assemblymember Joe Coto submitted an amicus letter opposing the Legislature and governor’s lawsuit to block the popular Taxpayer Protection and Government Accountability Act (TPA) from the November 2024 ballot. Read more.