Legislative Update - September 8, 2023

Legislative Updates,

SCRHA Closely Tracking Bills in Last Days of Session
AB 12 (Haney) which would limit Security Deposits to no more than one month’s rent is poised to get out of the Senate pending amendments to the bill. Amendments are expected to delay the implementation date and exempt small owners from the limitation. SCRHA remains concerned with the impacts of the bill even if amended. SB 567 (Durazo) and SB 267 (Eggman) moved out of the Assembly Appropriations Committee last week and are now pending approval on the Assembly floor. SB 567 would alter certain provisions of the Tenant Protection Act (AB 1482) and make terminating tenancy for a no-fault cause more complicated. It also redefines the definition of an owner and creates additional penalties for violations related to rent increases. SB 267 would prohibit credit screening for applicants with government subsidies, forcing housing providers to accept alternative proof of ability to pay. SCRHA remains opposed to both bills. Click here to email your Assemblymember if you have not yet done so. A more detailed update will be provided in the coming week. The last day to pass bills is September 14. 

HUD Delays Implementation Date for New Inspection Requirements
SCRHA was informed this week that the new HUD inspection requirements, previously reported to go into effect on October 1, 2023, have been delayed until October 1 of 2024. In the meantime, housing authorities will continue to use HUD’s existing Housing Quality Standards (HQS) for property inspections for the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program.

New Federal Legislation Introduced to Ban Application, Screening, & Late Fees
Congressman Maxwell Frost (D-Fla.-10) has introduced the End Junk Fees for Renters Act, aimed to prohibit the collection of application fees, resident screening fees and late fees. The bill goes a step further to require that any late fee collected shall be applied to the amount of rent due for the following month as a credit. The legislation also limits housing providers’ ability to evaluate conventional resident screening criteria such as credit scores or any consumer report, and the bill includes required disclosures. NAA continues its strong advocacy on the issue; SCRHA will keep members informed as updates are provided. Learn more.

SCRHA Encourages Support of “Leave No Veteran Behind”
The County of San Diego is spearheading a regional effort to house homeless veterans. “Leave No Veteran Behind” seeks to achieve functional zero for veteran homelessness in the county through partnerships with regional, state, and federal partners. The program includes incentives for rental housing providers, such as a leasing bonus and dedicated landlord liaisons. Members with vacant units or units on notice to vacate are encouraged to sign up for the 211 Interest List.

If you have rented to a homeless veteran and would like to share your positive experience with the County and local media, please contact mkirkland@socalrha.org.