SCRHA Legislative Update - January 13

Legislative Updates,

County of San Diego Approves Home Kitchen Operations
Despite the concerns of SCRHA and other stakeholders, the Board of Supervisors adopted a Microenterprise Home Kitchen Operation (MEHKO) ordinance yesterday. However, the ordinance adopted is temporary, allowing a two-year period to gather data and track issues that might arise as a result of operations. SCRHA expressed concern with operations in rental units leading to increased wear & tear, nuisance complaints, liability for property owners, and much more. The County gathered information from other jurisdictions with MEHKO ordinances and claim that very few complaints have arisen from MEHKO operations. While the County will handle the permitting side of things, local jurisdictions will now have to allow the operations within their city and are responsible for code enforcement related issues. SCRHA asks that members contact the association to report any problems associated with rental residents operating a MEHKO in their unit. Read more.

Chula Vista Emergency Rental Assistance Program No Longer Accepting Applications
Chula Vista’s ERAP Program is now oversubscribed and not accepting new applications. The City has requested additional funding from the Treasury in hopes they can continue to support residents and housing providers with rental assistance payments. Housing providers are encouraged to work legal counsel should they wish to pursue an unlawful detainer based on non-payment of rent. SCRHA will provide more updates on Chula Vista and San Diego rental assistance programs as they become available.

Update on Riverside County’s “Lift To Rise” and “United Lift” Emergency Rental Assistance Programs
Riverside County’s ‘United Lift’ and ‘Lift To Rise’ programs are accepting applications from tenants who need assistance with rent and utilities due to COVID-related hardships. Lift To Rise covers the cities and communities in the Coachella Valley and United Lift covers areas of western and southern Riverside County. Riverside County Housing Authority offers voucher and other programs catered to housing providers.