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As everyone knows by now, the Republic Services strike has come to an end, and most waste services have resumed. However, many questions remain unanswered for property owners, especially those who incurred significant costs to hire private haulers. SCRHA continues to be in contact with Republic Services and will share important updates.

In the interim, SCRHA strongly encourages members to hang on to receipts and any other paperwork related to out-of-pocket costs during the strike. As reported in the news, Republic Services says it will be handling refunds on a case-by-case basis. SCRHA is concerned that credits won’t be issued to all customers, and is particularly worried that housing providers who spent considerable dollars to keep the trash at their property manageable won’t be compensated for taking the necessary steps to protect health and safety for renters.

SCRHA is also asking that housing providers impacted directly by the strike (those with contracts with Republic Services) share their experience with us, so we may adequately portray the impacts the month-long strike had on you, your property, and your residents.

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