Update on SCRHA Lawsuit Against County of San Diego (Eviction Moratorium)

Legislative Updates,

After many months of waiting, SCRHA has received a decision on one component of our lawsuit against the County of San Diego and its overreaching eviction moratorium from last summer. The three-judge panel hearing SCRHA’s appeal of the denial of our motion for preliminary injunction dismissed our appeal as moot.In short, the motion was dismissed as “moot” since the ordinance expired last year. However, one panel-member offered a very well-reasoned dissenting view, understanding the concerns of the association and industry. This excerpt from the dissenting judge’s opinion sums up SCRHA’s concerns: “The County did not pass this moratorium in 2020 when the public health and economic outlook were dire. Rather, it took this sweeping action in May 2021—when it appeared the pandemic was behind us—raising the possibility that the County used COVID-19 as a pretext to pursue other political ends under the cover of emergency powers. And the County might very well do it again: It refuses to relinquish its emergency powers and has not sworn off enacting a similar moratorium in the future.”