2024 Forms Update

Legislative Updates,

New and updated forms to help members comply with approaching legal requirements are now available. Fortunately, SCRHA was able to defeat dozens of bad bills and minimize the need for new forms.  

List of New or Updated Forms: 

  • Updated – Form #200SD and #200SD SFR City of San Diego Rental Agreement: Now includes mandatory Family Daycare notification 

  • New – Form #240 City of San Diego Family Daycare notification addendum 

  • New – Form #235 Mobility Device Storage Agreement 

Property owners and managers with properties in the City of San Diego are required, as of January 1, 2024, to have a Family Daycare Disclosure in their rental agreement. SCRHA has added the required language to the City of San Diego Rental Agreement and has created an addendum with the language for those who do not use the SCRHA Rental Agreements.

Did you know that some laws require certain notices to be in a specific font size? For instance, the City of San Diego Tenant Protection Notification language and the Family Daycare disclosure must be in at least 12 point font. Other forms are required to have certain language present to be legal and enforceable. SCRHA works hard to ensure these stringent regulations are included in our forms to protect our members. 

SB 712 (Portantino) goes into effect January 1, 2024. This codifies a resident’s right to own personal micromobility devices and store and recharge up to one personal micromobility device in their dwelling unit for each person occupying the unit, subject to certain conditions and exceptions. There has been growing concern with the batteries in eBikes and similar devices catching fire. SCRHA has created an addendum, so residents understand their rights and responsibilities when storing such devices.

Coming in Spring 2024! The Termination of Tenancy form for properties subject to statewide Just Cause (not including properties in the cities of San Diego or Chula Vista) will be updated to comply with SB 567 (Durazo). The bill and its changes to AB 1482 don’t take effect until April 1, 2024. SCRHA will notify members when the form is available.