Legislative Update - December 14, 2023


New and updated forms to help members comply with approaching legal requirements are now available. Fortunately, SCRHA was able to defeat dozens of bad bills and minimize the need for new forms.  

List of New or Updated Forms: 

  • Updated – Form #200SD and #200SD SFR City of San Diego Rental Agreement: Now includes mandatory Family Daycare notification 
  • New – Form #240 City of San Diego Family Daycare notification addendum 
  • New – Form #235 Mobility Device Storage Agreement 

Property owners and managers with properties in the City of San Diego are required, as of January 1, 2024, to have a Family Daycare Disclosure in their rental agreement. SCRHA has added the required language to the City of San Diego Rental Agreement and has created an addendum with the language for those who do not use the SCRHA Rental Agreements.

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Chula Vista Council Hears Report on Changes to Tenant Protection Ordinance
This past Tuesday, December 12, the Chula Vista City Council heard a report from city staff on the Tenant Protection Ordinance and changes that are necessary to comply with state law. The report also included data on no-fault termination notices. To date, the city has only received 28 notices about no-fault termination of tenancy. There have also been no fines for noncompliance this far. As part of the report, city staff stated, in addition to changes required by SB 567, they will be making clarifications to the penalty portion of the ordinance to better define minor and major infractions and the associated penalties. SCRHA will stay engaged in the amendment process. Changes are expected to be presented to Council in February.