Ask For a NO Vote on SB 1105: More Barriers & New Taxes Won't Help Housing Supply

Legislative Updates,

We need your help stopping a bill that will create a regional agency that will implement new tenant protections and place tax measures on the ballot. SB 1105 creates another regional body on top of the work that cities, the county, and other local agencies are already doing. Another layer of regulation is not the answer to addressing the region's housing needs. The agency would have duplicative taxing authority and would be comprised of unelected officials. Giving another entity the power to impose additional taxes on San Diego area residents will increase their cost of living, make housing more expensive, and thus make home ownership and renting more difficult. The Legislature should instead lower impact fees, reform inclusionary zoning, remove costly mandates on new development and remove regulatory burdens to encourage more housing to be built.

This bill is flying largely under the radar, yet the impacts on the region would be significant. Send a message to local members of the Assembly today and help us stop this flawed approach to addressing housing supply.

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