CalRHA Policy Update

Legislative Updates,

We are now halfway through the legislative process for this year, as the deadline to pass out of their house of origin was June 2nd. CalRHA had several wins with bills held in the Appropriations Committees, as well as on the Senate Floor. Fortunately, SB 395 (Wahab, D-Fremont) - Statewide eviction database, which dealt with requiring landlords to report all evictions to a new statewide eviction reporting database was held on the Senate Suspense file. Additionally, SB 594 (Durazo), which would have required corporations to disclose the names and complete business or residence addresses of any beneficial owner, was also held on the Suspense File in the Senate.

Last week on the Senate Floor, we were able to hold SB 466 (Wahab), which would have repealed major protections afforded to the state’s rental housing providers under the Costa-Hawkins Rental Act of 1995 and expand local rent regulations. SB 466 stalled with only 15 votes, 6 short of the 21 needed to pass. This was a huge victory for the industry. However, the Senate passed SB 567 (Durazo), which CalRHA was opposing, as it makes changes to just cause evictions. SB 567 passed with the minimum 21 votes. Therefore, we will continue to advocate against that bill in the Assembly.

Additional Legislation CalRHA Continues to Lobby 

  • AB 12 (Haney, D-San Francisco) - Tenancy: Security Deposits - OPPOSE - Would prohibit a landlord from receiving a security deposit for a rental agreement in an amount in excess of one month’s rent, regardless of whether the residential property is unfurnished or furnished. AB 12 passed the Assembly and is pending a hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee.
  • AB 309 (Lee, D-Milpitas) - Social Housing - OPPOSE - This bill would define “social housing” for purposes of the Zenovich-Moscone-Chacon Housing and Home Finance Act, and make findings and declarations relating to social housing and would state the intent of the Legislature is to further the Social Housing Act to address the shortage of affordable homes by developing housing for people of all income levels, prioritizing low-income households. AB 309 passed the Assembly and is pending a hearing in Senate Housing, as well as Governance and Finance Committees. 
  • AB 1317 (Carillo, D - LA) - Unbundled Parking - OPPOSE - Would require the owner of residential real property that provides parking with a residential unit to unbundle parking from the price of rent (“unbundled parking” selling or leasing parking spaces separate from the lease of the residential use). CalRHA has had productive conversations with the author’s office and is considering amendments. AB 1317 passed the Assembly and is pending referral by Senate Rules.
  • AB 1505 (Rodriguez) - Seismic Retrofitting for Multifamily Housing - SUPPORT - Would state the intent of the Legislature to appropriate $250,000,000 for Seismic Retrofitting of soft story multifamily housing. AB 1505 passed the Senate and is pending referral by Senate Rules.
  • SB 267 (Eggman, D-Stockton) - Credit History of Persons Receiving Government Rent Subsidies - OPPOSE - Would prohibit the use of a person’s credit history as part of the application process for a rental housing accommodation without offering the applicant the option of providing alternative evidence of financial responsibility and ability to pay in instances in which there is a government rent subsidy and would require that the housing provider consider that alternative evidence in lieu of the person’s credit history. SB 267 passed the Senate and is pending referral in the Assembly, likely to Judiciary and Housing Committees. 
  • SB 569 (Glazer, D-Orinda) - Renters’ Tax Credit - Support - Would require FTB to recompute the renters’ tax credit for inflation. SB 569 passed the Senate and is pending in the Assembly. 

As always, CalRHA will keep you informed as these bills make their way through the Legislature. We will be sure to send out Calls to Action when we are at a pivotal juncture and your involvement could help determine the outcome. 

The remainder of the legislative calendar for the year is as follows:

  • June 15 - Deadline for Legislature to pass budget bill
  • July 14 - Last day for policy committees to meet and summer recess begins
  • August 14 - Legislature reconvenes from summer recess
  • September 1 - Last day for fiscal committee to pass bills to the Floor
  • September 8 - Last day to amend bills on the Floor
  • September 14 - Last day for bills to pass the Floor in the second house
  • October 14 - Last day for Governor to sign or veto bills