Chula Vista Housing Advisory Commission Update

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Chula Vista Housing Advisory Commission Recommends Further Study of Tenant Protections

At the City of Chula Vista Housing Advisory Commission meeting this past Wednesday evening, city staff sought guidance on specific issue areas regarding additional tenant protections. The commission asked city staff to return to them in January for review of a draft ordinance that results from additional stakeholder meetings. SCRHA is already scheduling a stakeholder meeting for early January. The commission did not take an official vote. Specifically, the commission asked city staff to:

  • Look into provisions for mediation/arbitration when it comes to tenant harassment. The idea would be to keep basic eviction issues from entering the lower courts. SCRHA is supportive of alternative dispute resolution.
  • Explore clearer definitions for substantial remodel if it were to be included in any draft ordinance and would like to see the city more involved in a system of checks and balances to maintain a reasonable timeline of any rehabilitation projects.

Other concerns expressed by commissioners:

  • The need to recognize that one-size-fits-all policies are a bad idea since there are “small landlords” hoping to use their properties as investment/retirement versus large investors who own multiple properties.
  • Including city police power to enforce existing harassment provisions.
  • Curtailing abuse of protections by tenants but still providing protections for the most vulnerable citizens of Chula Vista.

City staff plans to return to the commission in January to present a draft ordinance. In the meantime, they will continue to meet with stakeholders, including SCRHA. Property owners and managers with properties in the City of Chula Vista are invited to contact SCRHA Director of Public Affairs Molly Kirkland at to be added to an interest list. Once a meeting is scheduled, SCRHA will invite members to participate.