Judge Denies SCRHA Motion for Injunction Against County Eviction Ban

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Over a month after an expected decision regarding SCRHA's motion for a preliminary injunction against the County of San Diego Eviction Ban, SCRHA has finally received a decision. Judge James Lorenz has denied SCRHA's motion, citing the temporary nature and public interest.  

In his decision, Lorenz states that it is beyond dispute that owners are impacted by the moratorium. He goes on to say, "However, the harm they are suffering in terms of stress and emotional hardship will be short-lived, as the Ordinance is set to expire in the middle of August 2021."  

Within an hour of receiving the decision, SCRHA filed an appeal with the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. 

SCRHA is disappointed that it has taken this long to get a decision on the preliminary injunction. We knew it was an uphill battle since a preliminary injunction may only be granted if the moving party made a “clear showing” of entitlement to relief. However, the Judge in this case clearly did not share our sense of urgency on the matter. 

We will report back as soon as we have more updates on the status of our case and appeal. Thank you for support of the Association and our efforts to protect your property rights, residents, and investment. 

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