Legislative Update - December 2, 2021

Legislative Updates,

Rental Housing Provider Feedback Needed for Refugee Assistance
The International Rescue Committee (IRC) in San Diego is a humanitarian organization supporting people affected by crisis. IRC will be assisting Afghan refuges who may resettle in Southern California. The IRC is asking for no more than a few minutes of your time to fill out a brief survey on housing availability. Click here

City of Chula Vista to Consider Stronger Tenant Protections
While still in the fact-finding stage, the City of Chua Vista is weighing changes to city code that would enact stronger Just Cause protections, stricter anti-harassment laws, and further crack down on the ability of a rental property owner to go out of business (The Ellis Act). City staff will be presenting initial suggestions to the City’s Housing Advisory Commission next week, December 8 at 6pm. Once available, an agenda will be posted here. SCRHA will continue to provide updates and Action Alerts if needed.