Legislative Update - January 19, 2023

Legislative Updates,

Reminder! 10% Rent Cap in Effect as Storms Trigger Emergency & Price Gouging Rules
Governor Newsom declared a State of Emergency due to winter storms. The statewide emergency is slated to be in effect through February 3, 2023. Price Gouging rules specific to rental housing are specifically included. Rent Increases and newly set rents will be limited to no more than 10% until the protections expire. Click here to visit the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services website and learn more about price gouging protections.

SCRHA will keep members updated as emergency declarations are often extended. Read the text of the proclamation here

Mandatory Organics Recycling is Here! 
For well over a year now SCRHA has been providing information and education regarding Mandatory Organics Recycling. Multifamily properties should work with their waste hauler and local jurisdiction to ensure compliance. The City of San Diego recently began delivering green waste bins to single family properties and some multi-unit properties. If you missed our Organics Recycling classes in 2022, don’t worry. We have more classes and other resources you can tap into.

  • City of San Diego property owners can join us for a webinar on January 26 and learn more about Effective Recycling Strategies for Multi-Family Properties. Register Today >
  • Join us in person on February 23 for information on the County of San Diego Recycling Program. Register Today >
  • Members may also access recordings of last year’s webinars via the SCRHA website. And don’t forget the SCRHA White Paper “Mandatory Organics Recycling.”

South San Diego Property Owners & Managers Invited to Property Partner Luncheon, Feb. 7 at Novo Brazil
Brilliant Corners operates the San Diego Flexible Housing Pool which provides supportive housing for low-income Californians. South County housing providers are encouraged to attend the luncheon and learn more about the benefits of the program. Click here.