Legislative Update - June 13, 2023

Legislative Updates,

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  • San Diego CPI: 3.5% | Max Increase = 8.5%
  • Riverside CPI: 4.2% | Max Increase = 9.2%
  • Imperial County CPI: 3.8% | Max Increase = 8.8%

January 1, 2025, Balcony Inspection Deadline Looms
SB 721 went into effect January of 2019 and requires that multifamily buildings with three or more dwelling units have the “Exterior Elevated Elements” (EEEs), such as balconies, decks, stairwells, and walkways, inspected to ensure there are no structural failures. The deadline for the first inspection is January 1, 2025. Inspections must occur every 6 years thereafter. The law also requires certain inspectors, maintaining inspection reports, commencement of repairs within specified times, and more. Noncompliance with the inspection law can lead to penalties! If you haven’t initiated an inspection or need to learn more, attend our class on July 9. Register today!