Legislative Update - June 20, 2024

Legislative Updates,

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Correction: Rent Increase Limits for Increases Effective August 1, 2024, or Later

Last week, SCRHA reported max rent increase figures that were rounded down out of an abundance of caution. Since then, SCRHA and knowledgeable partners have reevaluated the law and calculations and believe figures that were reported prior to last week are correct. The re-adjusted figures are below.

  • San Diego CPI: 3.6% | Max Increase = 8.6%
  • Riverside CPI: 4.3% | Max Increase = 9.3%
  • Imperial County CPI: 3.8% | Max Increase = 8.8%

San Diego Housing Commission Still Seeking Available Units for Flood Victims
Please take a moment to upload your available rental units so that disaster relief caseworkers can better assist flood victims with identifying new housing. Look for the "Owners" menu at the top left of the page and select "List Your Property." Click here to list your units.