Legislative Update - September 14, 2023

Legislative Updates,

Reminder: Mandatory Notification Deadline for San Diego TPO Approaching
The City of San Diego Tenant Protection Ordinance requires a mandatory notification to residents for tenancies created prior to June 24, 2023. The notification and Tenant Protection Guide should be served to residents no later than 90 days after the ordinance's effective date (June 24, 2023). This gives housing providers until September 21, 2023, to comply. The city attorney’s office maintains that the guide must be provided in printed format. While not ideal, SCRHA worked to get the guide to a more reasonable size and it is now an 18-page document, far better than the initial version of the guide which was over 200 pages. SCRHA continues to monitor the unintended consequences of the ordinance. Click here for more resources and information on the city’s ordinance. 

SCRHA Continues Advocacy as the Legislature Approaches the End of Session
Today, September 14, marks the end of the legislative session in Sacramento. AB 12 (Haney), which would limit security deposits to no more than the equivalent of one month’s rent, was recently amended and passed today. The changes to the bill delay the effective date until July 1, 2024, and would allow a deposit for up to two times the rent for owners of no more than 2 properties that total no more than 4 units. Owners are defined as (i) The landlord is a natural person or a limited liability company in which all members are natural persons. The bill now goes to the Governor. SCRHA remained opposed to the bill even after amendments were made and will now lobby the Governor to veto the bill. SB 567 (Durazo), which originally proposed to further cap rents and alter other portions of AB 1482 has been amended dramatically thanks to our advocacy. While the bill has been recently amended to delay the effective date until April 1, 2024, SCRHA remains opposed as it would make termination of tenancy for owner/family-member move-in and substantial remodel/demolition much more burdensome. Legislators will likely be working late into the night to pass bills. SCRHA will provide an update as soon as possible.

SCRHA Encourages Support of “Leave No Veteran Behind”
The County of San Diego is spearheading a regional effort to house homeless veterans. “Leave No Veteran Behind” seeks to achieve functional zero for veteran homelessness in the county through partnerships with regional, state, and federal partners. The program includes incentives for rental housing providers, such as a leasing bonus and dedicated landlord liaisons. Members with vacant units or units on notice to vacate are encouraged to sign up for the 211 Interest List.

If you have rented to a homeless veteran and would like to share your positive experience with the County and local media, please contact mkirkland@socalrha.org.