Legislative Update - September 21, 2023

Legislative Updates,

Deadline to Serve San Diego TPO Notification & Guide – Sept. 22Tomorrow is the last day to deliver mandatory notification to City of San Diego residents for tenancies that existed prior to June 24, 2023. The mandatory notification and Tenant Protection Guide are required for properties that are covered by the ordinance. Exempt properties are NOT REQUIRED to provide those but are required to deliver a specific notification to benefit from the single-family home exemption. Click here to learn more about the relevant forms and other vital information.

Anti-Price Gouging Rules for Rental in SoCal ExpireThe additional regulations on rent increases and evictions during a declared emergency have expired. On August 19, Governor Newsom declared states of emergencies in several counties due to Tropical Storm Hilary. The regulations specific to rental housing were not extended beyond the September 19 expiration date. Learn more.SCRHA Encourages Support of “Leave No Veteran Behind”The County of San Diego is spearheading a regional effort to house homeless veterans. “Leave No Veteran Behind” seeks to achieve functional zero for veteran homelessness in the county through partnerships with regional, state, and federal partners. The program includes incentives for rental housing providers, such as a leasing bonus and dedicated landlord liaisons. Members with vacant units or units on notice to vacate are encouraged to sign up for the 211 Interest List.If you have rented to a homeless veteran and would like to share your positive experience with the County and local media, please contact mkirkland@socalrha.org.  

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