Property Manager Forum Recap


Property Managers Forum Recap

On May 18, we held our first Property Manager (PM) Forum exclusively for our PM members. It was an opportunity to hear, discuss, and reflect on industry trends in a safe environment. The event’s first topic focused on evictions, including its challenges and the court process.

Our panelists and attendees shared a wealth of ideas, and many finally felt like they “weren’t alone”! We aim to take nuggets of information shared at this event and turn them into industry white papers, blogs, and seminars. We may even share some of the information with our local courts to improve their eviction process for the benefit of our community. The survey results are in, and the inaugural event received a perfect rating of five stars.

The themes that came out of the eviction discussion included having partners, even before you file the unlawful detainer. Partners can include the police, security guards, county mental health services, resident guardians, the courts, and more. Since each situation differs, you should identify your partners and resources, as those will change based on specific circumstances. The more you can document your efforts and show you made a balanced effort to resolve the situation, the more likely you are to see success in the courtroom should you end up there. A second theme, be grateful. Avoid eviction as much as possible. If you can reach a stipulated agreement, the experts say it will likely be better than the court system and save both parties time and money.

Every situation is unique, and this is not meant to be legal advice. Always check with your legal counsel.

Special thanks to our panelists Kim Arnold, Atlantic and Pacific Management Company, Jessica Knowles of RA Snyder Properties, Inc., Buck Buchanan of Buchanan Property Management Corp., Mark Feinberg, of Heinz Feinberg Attorneys, and our Moderator Abigail Rex of American Assets Trust.

Watch for those added resources coming soon, and watch for our next Property Manager Forum later this year. If you have a topic you want us to consider, please email us at