Rental Assistance Update - February 25, 2021

Legislative Updates,

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Send Notice of Rent Delinquency (Form 401) no later than February 28 to anyone with past due rent.

Rental Assistance Update: County Program Opens Next Week

For information on programs in the San Diego Region, you may visit or click on the links below for the program available in the specific jurisdiction(s) in which your property is located. Not sure which jurisdiction your property is in? Click here for a map and search feature

San Diego County Application Period Opens March 2

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program Serving the County of San Diego and local cities, excluding San Diego and Chula Vista, will begin accepting applications this coming Tuesday, March 2. The online application period will be open though March 16.

  • Housing providers may apply on behalf of tenants, but tenants will be required to co-sign either through the application portal or by written communications (including electronic) acknowledging the application.
  • When a housing provider accepts participation in the program, the County will compensate 80% of an eligible household’s rental arrears accumulated from April 2020 to March 2021. The housing provider will be required to complete and sign an agreement to accept the 80% payment as payment in full of the rental debt owed by the tenant, forgiving the remaining debt. The rental arrears will be paid directly to the housing provider.
  • Property Owners do not have to participate in the above program. If the housing provider declines participation in the program, the County can only compensate 25% of the eligible household’s monthly rental arrears accumulated from April 2020 to March 2021. Payment of rental arrears can be paid directly to the tenant.
  • Click here for Frequently Asked Questions

Click here to visit the County Emergency Rental Assistance Program page. Return to this page on Tuesday, March 2 to apply for rental assistance or share this link with your residents. You will also find FAQs and informative flyers in several different languages. 

City of San Diego Program to Launch Mid-March - The City of San Diego Emergency Rental Assistance Program will launch in the coming weeks. More information will be available within the week. SCRHA will share those links and documents once available. In the interim, housing providers with properties in the City of San Diego are encouraged to sign up for the Emergency Rental Assistance Interest List

City of Chula Vista Rental Assistance to Open March 15 - Housing providers and renters in Chula Vista will be able to apply for rental assistance very soon. The City of Chula Vista has provided more details on eligibility and the application process. Click here to learn more. You may also sign up to receive email notifications about the program.

County of Riverside - The County of Riverside will again be partnering with United Lift to administer their Emergency Rental Assistance Program. Details are still in the works but will be available soon. SCRHA will share that information once available and encourages members with properties in that region to bookmark this page

Imperial County - Imperial County staff recently updated the Board of Supervisors on numerous COVID-19 related resources. They indicated they are working on rental assistance. SCRHA will share that information as soon as it's available.

Please note: SCRHA does not administer any of the rental assistance programs. While similar in structure, each jurisdiction’s program may differ slightly so we are limited to answering general questions. SCRHA strongly encourages you to review the available information, read our communications regularly for the latest information, and visit the SCRHA COVID RENT DEBT AND EVICTION PROTECTIONS webpage, which is regularly updated. 

SCRHA Tracking Vaccine Priority for Essential Rental Housing Workers

SCRHA is looking into when COVID-19 vaccines will be available for residential rental housing workers. The priority tiers at both the county and state level are fluid, so as soon as guidance is clear for residential rental housing, we will share that information.

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