San Diego County Announces Rental Assistance for Small Landlords (RASL)

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County of San Diego to operate two new programs to provide additional support to tenants and landlords who have experienced negative economic impacts resulting from the pandemic.

Rental Assistance for Small Landlords (RASL)

Starting September 1st, 2021, The Rental Assistance for Small Landlords (RASL) will open for applications. This program aims to help small landlords that have not been able to access federal, state, or local financial assistance for loss of rental income. RASL is available to landlords that operate less than 5 rental units and have rental units that have at least 3 months of rental arrears. The County will compensate rental arrears accumulated from April 2020, for a maximum award amount of $15,000 per unit. RASL can also assist landlords that have been left with unpaid rent by former tenants during this period.  

Security Deposit Assistance Program (SDAP)

Beginning September 3rd, 2021, residents of San Diego County can apply for the Security Deposit Assistance Program (SDAP). Eligible households must fall at or below 120 percent Area Median Income (AMI). Eligible households that are relocating and are in need of security deposit assistance may be awarded up to two months' rent, for a maximum award amount of  $7000.  

For more information on eligibility criteria and how to apply for both programs, please visit

ERAP Term 2

Term 2 of the Emergency Rent and Utility Assistance Program will open August 26th. It will provide 100% of past due rental arrears from April 2020-present, 100% prospective rent assistance, and 100% utility assistance. Term 2 will be able to provide 18 months of total assistance between Terms 1 & 2. The program will now be able to assist tenants who moved out of the unit and can assist current and previous landlords.