SCRHA Joins Discussion with City of San Diego Mayor's Office

Legislative Updates,

UPDATE: On Tuesday, November 15, SCRHA joined other housing stakeholders for an informal discussion with the Mayor’s office. The meeting provided an opportunity to share feedback and concerns with some of the ideas expressed at the informational hearing on October 31. SCRHA thanks the Mayor’s office for the opportunity to provide clarity on existing state law and offer fair and balanced solutions.

As the campaign against responsible housing providers continues in the City of San Diego, SCRHA wants to make sure you are kept in the loop, and we thank those who have supported our efforts with a donation to the Industry Defense Fund.  

Council President Sean Elo-Rivera continues to speak to the media about his desire to create stronger tenant protections. Most recently, he shared his personal stories of eviction. Click here to read the article. SCRHA is closely tracking his comments, especially the narrative about the power imbalances between tenants and housing providers. We know that you, our members, have felt for years that the balance of power at all levels of government (and in the courts) has shifted to be less favorable to rental owners and managers. 

While these articles are certainly troubling, it is also worth noting that thus far, it is largely the Council President quoted in the media. Yes, other Councilmembers are concerned about displacement and would like to consider an update to the City’s tenant protections, as indicated at the October 31 informational hearing. However, they were clear that any proposed protections or ordinance will need to go through the traditional committee process with input from all stakeholders to minimize unintended consequences. SCRHA is already meeting with members of the City Council to share the industry’s concerns.  

We were heartened to see San Diego City Attorney Mara Elliot share how her office works to address bad-actor rental providers and assist the residents of those properties. If you missed the article, click here. This supports what SCRHA has always said (as when dealing with the ordinance in Chula Vista): remedies already exist to address bad actors. Instead, some are trying to create laws to solve for every possible scenario and hardship, which is not only impractical, but would also negatively impact the majority of the rental housing providers who do the right thing every day!  

If you tuned in to the informational hearing, you know that interest groups are relentlessly lobbying the City Council to adopt tenant protections that include excessive requirements, like six months to a year in relocation costs. SCRHA is working hard to develop a reasonable compromise, one that treats housing providers and renters fairly. The homelessness crisis and surrounding politics have elevated the tenant protection conversation, which is why we have hired third parties to help ensure we have a voice in this critical conversation and we are making progress. But costs are mounting, which is why we need your help. If you have not already done so, please consider a donation to the Industry Defense Fund.

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