Second Reading of San Diego No-Fault Termination Moratorium on Tuesday

Legislative Updates,

This coming Tuesday, April 19, the San Diego City Council is slated to give the “No-Fault Eviction Moratorium” ordinance its final approval. SCRHA and industry members made a solid stand against the ordinance, which still appears to have enough votes to pass. SCRHA has sent a letter to the city asking for clarification on a few items that seemed unclear at the last hearing. As SCRHA reported previously, advocacy efforts helped secure an end date to the ordinance. Click here if you missed our previous update.

SCRHA remains concerned with the unintended consequences and will be tracking issues that arise while the ordinance is in effect. Members are encouraged to share their plight with SCRHA by contacting The ordinance will go into effect 30 days after final passage. It will sunset on September 30 or 60 days after an end to the local emergency is declared, whichever is sooner. Click here to see the agenda and how you may comment on the proposal, Item 50. The City Council has resumed in-person meetings but continues to provide remote testimony options.