Tenant Protection Law Returns to Housing Advisory Commission

Legislative Updates,

Last week, the Chula Vista City Council, led by the Mayor, asked city staff to bring back the Tenant Protection Ordinance for a vote. Mayor Mary Casillas Salas was very vocal about her support for the tenant advocates in the room. She even rebutted two housing providers who provided public comment…and no one else. You can read more about the hearing and find a link to the video here

This coming Tuesday, April 19, at 6:00 p.m. the ordinance is being heard by the Housing Advisory Commission, who is being asked to provide an advisory recommendation to City Council on approving a Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance.

The Housing Advisory Commission is just the first step on the path to approval. The ordinance is expected to be considered by the full council on May 3. Chula Vista housing providers and residents are encouraged to attend the May 3 hearing. SCRHA will send notification in advance of the Council hearing. 

In the meantime, you may still make your voice heard at the April 19 Housing Advisory Commission Meeting. Read on for more information on the ordinance and how you can share your opposition. 

Summary of Ordinance:

Just Cause/No-Fault Evictions (Owner/Family member move in/Substantial Remodel) 

  • Consistent with Civil Code Section 1946.2 for rentals with 1 or 2 units;
  • Applicable to complexes with 3 units or more:
    • Increased noticing requirements of 120 days or 365 days for elderly/disabled;
    • Relocation assistance equivalent to 2 months of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Small Area Fair Market Rent (“HUD SAFMR”) for the zip code of the unit, reference Attachment No. 6 for current rates;
    • First right of refusal for new residential units; and
    • Additional tenant protections that are not prohibited by any other provision of law.

Ellis Act/Removal from Rental Market Evictions

  • Consistent with state law for rentals with 1 or 2 units;
  • Applicable to complexes with 3 units or more:
    • Noticing consistent with state law of 120 days or 365 days for elderly/disabled; and
    • Relocation assistance equivalent to 2 months of the HUD SAFMR at time of noticing.

Register your opposition:

In-Person: Council Chambers, 276 Fourth Avenue. Please visit www.chulavistaca.gov/boardmeetings for current mask requirements and other safety protocols.

Submit an eComment: Click here to access the agenda, scroll down and click on agenda item 6.2. Click on the orange "Leave Comment" button and follow the instructions.  

Email comments: Submit comments via email to HAC@chulavistaca.gov. You may also click on "Take Action" below to send in a customizable email. 

Suggest talking points:

  • This ordinance is a solution in search of a problem.
  • The Mayor blames rental housing providers for the lack of available housing supply and rising housing costs.
  • Rental housing stakeholders are willing to work on collaborative solutions, but what has been proposed ignores the realities of operating rental housing. The ordinance as drafted is complicated and cumbersome.
  • Laws and remedies already exist that protect against bad actors; this ordinance is a broad-brush approach that will impact all rental providers.
  • No study has been done to evaluate the unintended consequences on existing rental housing or how it will impact future development of housing in Chula Vista.