Price Gouging Update

Legislative Updates,

Price Gouging rules applicable to rentals and rent increases have in some cases expired or will expire very soon, unless the Governor takes additional action. 

  • While the Statewide emergency declared on August 31 due to extreme is still in place, only Penal Code 396 (c) pertaining to reconstruction and contractor services remains in effect.
  • Rent-related protections remain in place for Riverside and Imperial Counties and are currently set to expire on October 16. 
  • There are no emergency declarations specific to San Diego County.

Members are encouraged to visit the Governor's Office of Emergency Services website to learn more about Price Gouging, and specifically which subsections of Penal Code 396 apply to rental housing. Click here and then scroll down and click on "What are the Price Gouging Protections Under California Law?" Subsections (e) & (f) are applicable to rental housing. You will note that these subsections will be listed in the right-hand column of the list of Proclamations/Executive Orders.