We Need Your Support to Stop Rent Control

Legislative Updates,

There are two words that strike fear in the hearts of all rental housing providers: Rent Control. PLEASE Help Us Protect Your Property Rights. Read on.

SCRHA shares that fear and knows that many of the efforts that we have seen recently with regard to stricter tenant protections are really just certain organizations and elected officials nibbling around the edges of Rent Control. 

That is why SCRHA has fought so hard to keep policies that primarily exist in Rent Control jurisdictions out of recent local ordinances. We have been very successful in a political environment that is not easy to navigate. While recently passed ordinances are far from ideal, we know how much worse they could have been had we not been there. For more evidence, click here

With that said, the forces that have pushed these recent ordinances forward are not stopping until they get Los Angeles or Bay Area tenant protections and Rent Control in San Diego. We know this because they said it. Leah Simon-Weisberg, legal director at Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment (ACCE) mentioned this in a recent article about the San Diego Tenant Protection Ordinance (TPO). They are just one of several organizations who are unhappy the new ordinance didn’t go much further and are calling the TPO a starting point. 

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Consultants, public relations specialists, and attorneys all come at a cost. SCRHA has invested significant resources into fighting both the Chula Vista and San Diego tenant protection ordinances. A rent control fight in the region’s largest city will be very costly, especially if it comes in the form of a ballot measure. When SCRHA defeated the ACCE-backed rent control ballot measure in National City, it cost approximately half a million dollars in a jurisdiction of just 60,000 residents.  

The SCRHA Industry Defense Fund (IDF) needs replenishing so we can be prepared for the next battle in what is now a war on the rental housing industry and property rights. We can’t wait until a proposal becomes official to start raising funds.  

If every member contributes just $5 per unit, we will hit our goal to replenish our IDF for future battles! 

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Thank you for your continued support of SCRHA’s advocacy efforts and for providing housing to thousands of Southern Californians.  

Allison Pfister
Legislative Steering Committee Chair

Eric Sutton 
Legislative Steering Committee Vice-Chair